COLD 2018

20 games
$110 Main Event
$99/night hotel room block
Charlotte, NC
September 1-3, 2018
TWL Entrants
CSW Entrants
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Live Coverage

Payouts *

A rough, tentative estimate of tournament expenses
and prizes, subject to change.
Entry Fee $110
TWL Entrants
CSW Entrants
Total Collected $
Venue Cost $750
Data Entry Cost $
TWL Participation Fee $
CSW Participation Fee $
TWL Expenses $
CSW Expenses $
Total Expenses $
Prize Pool TWL $
1st Place $
2nd Place $
3rd Place $
Performance Prize $
Prize Pool CSW $
1st Place $
2nd Place $
* This assumes all entrants confirm
and participate in the tournament. As more entrants confirm their attendance, the number of divisions will change.